We've received requests to ship enclosures all over the world, but the costs have all over the board: for some countries, shipping costs are reasonable, and for others, the prices are through the roof. Unfortunately, there's no getting around the fact that enclosures are heavy and big and thus expensive to ship. Depending on the size of the enclosure, shipping overseas could be anywhere from $100US to $800. Shipping to one country in Europe could be $80US, but then shipping to a city right across the border in another country could be six times that amount.

But the biggest problem is a large percentage of the time the enclosure kits would arrive damaged beyond repair.  Since shipping insurance is almost impossible to collect this means we were losing money on half of our international sales.

To work around these issues we've created a much cheaper kit that includes everything BUT the acrylic. This way the shipping costs are much lower and there's much less to get damaged in shipping.  The way it works is you get every single part in the kit, and then find a local company to cut the acrylic for you from the plans we provide.  It usually works out to be just about the same cost as us shipping the full kit.

Keep in mind, however, that still can not pay VAT taxes for you.  We're too small a company to collect VAT and sales taxes for every country. Just managing fees for Canada requires a separate calculation for each province, each of which can use not only different tax rates but various government agencies as well. We have no choice but to punt handling of local taxes to customers.