Purchase Orders

We are a small company that sells everything direct to consumers online. As such we don't have time to run credit checks needed to do purchase orders. 

Quotes and Invoices

If you need an "official estimate" or invoice, please follow this procedure:

1. Create an online account, making sure to fill out the address details.

2. Add all the items you wish to purchase to the shopping cart.

3. Reply to this email asking for an invoice.

4. You will receive a separate email with the order details.  To get a "paper" formatted version of the information, click on the circled link below that says, "Click here to download a PDF of the estimate."

Tax Exceptions

We don't collect sales tax from customers who purchase outside of North Carolina. If you are a tax-exempt organization buying from inside North Carolina, then you need to do the following:

1. Create an account at 3DUPFitters.com by going to the account page and clicking on the "create account" link. 

2. Send your tax-exempt certificate to support@3dupfitters.freshdesk.com

Once we receive your certificate, your account will be marked as tax-exempt and no tax will be collected.