Sorry, but we don't support your particular printer right now :-(

We'd love to be able to make an enclosure for every printer out there! The problem is while people can and do just stick a cardboard box over a printer, its often more complicated than that if you want to be able to protect the electronics and power supply, keep a safe internal temperature, etc.  It takes a large investment of engineering time to design and test a new printer, so we have to be choosy about which ones to add next.  

You see, we actually buy and use each printer for months, designing and trying out various enclosure features before we can put an enclosure on the market.   

So if you're an individual asking about a single printer, then we keep track of the number of requests.  With hundreds of models of 3D printers for sale, it can be difficult for us to know which printer to target next and depend on customer requests for guidance.

Please understand that we also can't accept custom orders, since the engineering time to develop and test an enclosure to our quality level is several thousand dollars, which is way more than anyone wants to pay.  The one exception is for institutions who want to purchase three or more enclosures, or custom heavy-duty cases for libraries, schools, and laboratories.